HealthCare IT Solutions Include Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Healthcare IT solutions continue to change the way healthcare providers deliver patient care. Responsive web design is nothing new to the world of information technology. In fact, websites that are not mobile responsive affect patients, providers, and Google rankings. Although advances in technology continue to transform the treatments available to patients, the healthcare industry has been somewhat slow to shift to responsive website design. More providers are seeing the value of quality web design and adapting this important healthcare IT solution.

Why the Delay?

Since the healthcare industry seems to be so in-tune with technological advances, it is interesting to see that healthcare organizations, hospitals, and independent provider practices have not jumped on the bandwagon to redesign their websites. Your web presence is not the “store-front” of your business. As mobile users continue to rise, many patients now use their mobile devices to search for the best providers in their area. Responsive web design, positive reviews, and mobile access is imperative across many industries of business.

Healthcare IT Solutions Benefit All Aspects of the Healthcare Industry

Many healthcare practices have noticed the need to transition to relevant web design. Patients like to access information, book appointments, and get answers to common questions online. As more and more patients turn to mobile devices and internet presence to navigate through the healthcare industry, healthcare providers are understanding the benefits of healthcare IT solutions like web design. The benefits include:

  • A return on your investment. Although it is an investment to design or re-design your website, it is the most cost-effective choice when it comes to delivering your patients the mobile accessibility they want. While some practices choose to create a mobile-only version of their website, full web design services save money from hours worked and eliminate the need for troubleshooting, updates, and maintaining two separate sites. The best part about web design is that the responsive design will increase the number of users accessing your website.
  • You eliminate the need for expensive mobile apps. Before the recent advances, many practices chose to simply add a mobile version of their website. As mentioned earlier, this was a wasted expense. The Social Media Hat states that “99% of apps only get used once. Unless your app does something amazing that no one else’s does, then the reality is that it will get downloaded, opened, and forgotten about.” Responsive web design covers all your business’ web presence needs and eliminates unnecessary costs of expensive apps.
  • Having a responsive website will broaden your reach. Responsive design covers a significant portion of your marketing efforts. Being responsive alone brings your business more credibility in the eyes of Google and will bump your ranking compared to others in your industry who have not updated their web design. And without responsive design, you limit your reach. Websites that are not responsive limit the reach of marketing campaigns and can affect the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

When you invest in healthcare IT solutions like web design, you can improve the marketing efforts and overall reach of your business. Individual practices, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations will greatly benefit from implementing the right healthcare IT solutions.