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What can these viruses do?                                                                                               

Slow operation

Slow operation is the most common symptom of infection by a Trojan horse. In the worst cases, the computer may be so slow that you are unable to perform any useful work. In the worst cases, you may need to reinstall the operating system to get rid of the problem.

Unexplained network traffic

If you notice that your computer is using a large amount of network bandwidth when you are not using the Internet, this may be a sign of infection. Many Trojans are designed to send large amounts of data back to a botnet’s command and control program or to other computers in order to send spam or participate in a denial of service attack.

Frequent crashes

Trojans are designed to be as stealthy as possible, but they are often somewhat clumsy. This can cause odd behavior in programs that worked fine in the past. This is especially true of critical system processes like Windows Explorer and Windows services.

Unusual changes in files

You are unlikely to notice the file system changes that Trojans cause unless you are looking for them, but if you find them, the pattern of changes can uniquely identify a Trojan. In order to hide themselves, Trojans often change filenames and process names, and move themselves around the computer’s file system in order to minimize the chance of detection. If you see suspicious files that were not there before, investigate carefully.

Trojans are usually designed to perform their functions without the victim knowing, so you may not notice any symptoms at all before thieves drain your bank account or steal your credit card number. The only way to mitigate the threat is to stay on top of your computer’s security and practice safe browsing.

How do I get rid of virus/malware/spyware on my computer?

IF you think your computer is infected Shut It Down Immediately and Restart it in “Safe Mode”. You can usually do this by pressing the F8 Button during the Windows Startup Screen BEFORE it gives you the Windows Login Screen. As soon as your computers starts to turn on just keep pressing the F8 Button until you get the screen that asks if you want to use Safe Mode.

Choose to start in Safe Mode. You Will NOT Have internet and most programs that run in the background will NOT Run in Safe Mode. This keeps the Virus from being able to spread.

Then Run a FULL Scan with your Anti Virus and Spyware/Malware Programs and Clean the computer completely .

IF for any reason the programs find a problem but Can Not Clean, Quarantine or Remove the problem files and you do Not Know what you are doing Contact some who knows how to deal with Viruses.

Getting Bad Viruses off a computer can sometimes require a Computer Technician to do so successfully.

Follow the steps in this video

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